Requesting staff is as easy as calling 1-866-355-8355

Solutions Staffing has been providing trusted staffing solutions for a long time, so we’ve streamlined the process. If you’ve identified a need for improved healthcare staffing, contact us today and see how easy it is to improve your staffing solutions. You’ll be glad you did.

How Our Placement Service Works…

Honed through years of experience, it works like a well-oiled machine! Here are some of the components…

Single Point of Contact

When you identify the need for temporary nurses or other healthcare professionals, simply call us at 1-866-355-8355. Solutions Staffing Inc. is organized by geographic territories so a single individual can handle your contract for staffing needs in every specialty.

Clinical Practice Description

We’ll ask you the questions necessary to build a clear picture of your staffing and coverage needs and the types of healthcare professionals you require. In many cases, we’ll ask you to complete and return a facility/unit survey form. Our first priority is finding professionals with the skills and experience that suit your requirements and your unique clinical setting, and that takes a little digging.

Expert Matching

Once we have the core information about your staffing needs and a signed contract with you, we will initiate a search for a great match. As we identify professionals with the skills, experience, and time available to meet your requirements, we will present their profiles for your approval.

You are under no obligation until you accept one of our personnel for specific dates. The professionals who work with Solutions are in high demand, so it’s always best to have an approval process in place at your end before we present their profiles to you.

We are happy to coordinate introductions and phone interviews as you are considering the candidates. We understand how important it is to find nurses or other healthcare professionals who fit well within your healthcare environment.

Credentialing HR Support

Once you confirm your acceptance of a Solutions-sourced candidate (and they accept your assignment), their entire HR file will be accessible to you.


Based on the lead time we have to fill your need, we will either present nurses and allied professionals who are already licensed in your province or initiate licensing and registration for them with the applicable provincial registering body. We work with provincial colleges and registration bodies daily, so we understand the requirements for all Canadian locations.

Travel, Housing & Transportation

Solutions has a full-service in-house travel coordinator who works directly with our nurses or other healthcare professionals to plan cost-effective travel. We are also happy to coordinate their housing and local transportation, or you may do it if you prefer. Depending on the length of the assignment, our personnel generally prefer an extended-stay hotel or apartment, but we’ve seen just about every option, from a hospital residence home to a local bed & breakfast.


Solution’s nurses and other healthcare professionals fill out a timesheet every two weeks, which is signed off by your facility’s relevant unit supervisor or designate so there are no surprises. These timesheets will be included with your bi-weekly billing for your confirmation purposes.

Check-in Calls

Once an assignment begins, we will check in with both you and the placed nurse or other healthcare professional to make sure everything is going well. You are welcome to call us with questions or concerns at any time!

Post-assignment Evaluations

We conduct post-assignment evaluations with both you and the Solutions-sourced staff you utilized. This information helps us refine our understanding of your organization’s needs, gain a deeper appreciation of our placed staff’s strengths and weaknesses, and learn other important details that can help us attract other nurses or healthcare professionals to your locale and assignments if (or when) necessary.