There are many benefits to working with Solutions Staffing to help you with your staffing concerns.

Solutions Staffing can help when you’re challenged with a shortage of Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Allied Healthcare Professionals. Regardless of whether you’re trying to hire for leaves of absence, maternity leave or hard to fill positions you need to expedite the process for a number of reasons. Recruiting can be costly. Paying the wages of a new employee is one of the obvious costs, but there are hidden costs within the process and Solutions Staffing can help you minimize those. We have great relationships with accomplished nursing professionals who love this lifestyle and are prepared to step in; hire the person you want and who wants to be there.

Our nursing professionals are screened so that you can trust we will only offer you qualified candidates who understand the parameters of the job opportunity and are eager to interview and get started. These people are accountable, responsible nursing professionals who make good decisions from experience in the field. If, for some reason, the placement isn’t suitable to your team or to the nursing professional, we have a robust, up-to-date database of people who will be more than suitable.

While you are the expert within your healthcare organization, Solutions Staffing is the expert in staffing the healthcare field.