Your connection to a qualified nurse or other healthcare professional can start within minutes of contacting us.

Solutions Staffing is a pro-active service. So, where you might just be experiencing a staff shortage, we are prepared to start the process the moment you call us. This isn’t a job board. Within minutes of your request we are posting to hundreds of pre-screened nurses and allied healthcare professionals and will begin contacting specific staff based on their profiles.

How long it takes.

Within minutes of your staffing request, our recruiting department posts your request to hundreds of pre-screened nurses and allied healthcare professionals based on skill level, availability, and location proximity. In addition, our recruitment team will begin contacting specific staff – based on their profiles – that would best suit the needs identified for your facility. Within 48 hours and often sooner, our agency will contact you with potential candidates!

A staff profile detailing a candidate’s experience, skill level, and specialized training will be presented to the person(s) acting on behalf of your healthcare organization. We encourage that ‘facilitator’ to approve or disapprove candidates based on their own personal experience and knowledge of their facility’s needs, in combination with the profile information provided by Solutions Staffing. The final decision on a candidate is made by you – because you know the individual needs of your healthcare facility the best!

Solutions Staffing will prepare a roster of local qualified nurses who reside close to your facility. In addition, a roster of qualified nurses who reside outside your geographic area but who are available for travel, temporary or coverage assignments ranging from 1 – 52 weeks will be prepared. Both rosters will assist you in planning for staff coverages during peak shortage periods.

Placement of qualified, temporary nurses (and other professionals) into your facility allows you to:

  • Maintain, expand and improve your current healthcare services;
  • Prevent crisis situations directly related to staffing shortages or unexpected circumstances;
  • Provide relief to existing permanent staff;
  • Facilitate educational opportunities and cross-training initiatives that optimize your current permanent resources;
  • Increase overall career satisfaction for current employees, positively affecting your staff retention ratio; and
  • Meet professionals outside your current experience to support and enhance your current staff recruitment and retention strategies.