There are many benefits to using Solutions Staffing to help you.

One of the challenges you face is staffing, the other is budget. It’s important to consider that placing qualified, temporary nurses and other healthcare professionals into your facility will generally pay for itself. This is absolutely a cost effective way to face the challenge of staffing shortages and coverage needs.

By utilizing temporary staff to fill immediate staffing shortages, clients of Solutions Staffing Inc. have realized significant savings over pre-booking overtime.

Relief staff allow time for you as a Manager to be proactive rather than reactive. Using temporary nurses and healthcare professionals sourced through Solutions Staffing facilitates additional cost savings and benefits, such as:

  • Reduced sick time
  • Reduced employee injury
  • Reduced long-term disability costs
  • Reduced employee burnout
  • Increased educational opportunities
  • Increased job satisfaction resulting in increased retention ratios
  • Increased patient safety and improved outcomes

There is generally a base hourly, daily, or weekly fee plus charges for overtime and on-call. In the case of travel assignments, you will also be responsible for travel costs to and from the nurse’s city of residence to your facility and the cost of their accommodations in your location. Solutions Staffing works hard to ensure the most cost-effective travel and accommodations by providing extended length assignments and long-term housing wherever possible.

No Payroll, Benefit or WCB Expenses!

Payroll, benefit and WCB expenses are eliminated to you! Solutions Staffing maintains all scheduling, payroll and benefit costs as part of our comprehensive service package. The increased costs of replacing sick time, holiday time, and disability are eliminated by using temporary staff contracts and an “hours paid for hours worked” philosophy. Generally speaking, nurses and healthcare professionals who are working in temporary assignments may fill more than one scheduled rotation.

No Certification or Training Costs!

Temporary staff contracts eliminate the high cost of training and certificate maintenance. The nurses and healthcare professionals provided by Solutions Staffing come to you with current, valid certificates in their applied areas of expertise… as well as recent, relevant experience which makes them ideal to fill your short-term staff coverage needs.

Plus, your facility will save the high costs associated with re-training (or cross-training) your current employees to deal with short-term staffing coverages.