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Solutions Staffing Inc. can assess the strengths and gaps in your hospital or other healthcare facility in order to improve your organization’s productivity and excellence in patient care.


Staff Retention Consulting

Finding out what an employee’s value is represents a key staff retention strategy that helps create an environment where healthcare professionals love to work. In partnership with our clients, Solutions Staffing can assess the strengths and gaps in your hospital or other healthcare facility in order to improve your organization’s productivity and excellence in patient care.

Collaboratively, we design customized strategies for staff recruitment and retention using recognized principles from highly-regarded researchers and which build on initiatives you've found to be successful. Workshops and coaching are incorporated into our programs to support their successful implementation.

Workplace Culture Initiatives

Studies have shown that healthy workplaces are ones where employees are satisfied, engaged in their work, committed to their jobs and productive. People want to work there because they feel valued, respected, and their quality of work-life is honored; because when they do they give the best care in the world. Our consultants will work with you to improve the workplace environment and the work-life balance of your employees. We believe that investing in employees is the key to an organization's survival and to their bottom line – quality patient care.


Using a variety of interactive and collaborative approaches, Solution's workshops are presented for personal, professional and organizational development. Our coaching model helps teams and individuals manage rapidly changing work environments and reach their peak performance.

  Workshops are designed to meet healthcare organizations’ unique needs in the areas of:
  • Leadership
  • Healthy workplaces
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Team development
  • Transition/change management


  • Stress management
  • Work-life balance


We are committed to supporting learning and offer coaching as an adjunct of our workshops – ensuring that learning is sustained back into the workplace. The development of coaching and leadership skills is supported through individual and team coaching.


Employee Screening & Credentialing

Solutions Staffing Inc. offers full employee screening and credentialing services:

  • An extensive profile that includes work history, general educational background, and clinical skills checklists for their area of expertise;
  • An up-to-date criminal records and background check;
  • Picture ID, Driver's License, proof of eligibility to work in the applicable province or territory;
  • License verifications and facilitation for specified province;
  • Three (3) positive, verified professional references;
  • Physicians Statement and immunization records; and
  • Copies of current certificates and licenses.


Wellness Clinics

  • Blood Pressure and Wellness Clinics
  • Immunization and Flu Clinic Services


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