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The challenge of recruiting and retaining qualified nurses and other healthcare professionals is something Solutions Staffing Inc. can help you address... ensuring that your organization can maintain high quality healthcare delivery in your community.


Temporary Staff Placements

Maintaining staffing levels that adequately support your current healthcare services has become increasingly difficult. Although current statistics vary, the accepted consensus – based on estimated retirement rates and decreased graduate levels – is that these types of staffing shortages will continue to rise well into the next decade.

The recruitment and retention of qualified nurses and other healthcare professionals has become the number one challenge your organization faces with respect to maintaining adequate, safe and comprehensive healthcare services in your community. Temporary Staff Placements sourced through our agency are a great way to alleviate many of the pressures you may face in dealing with overworked employees and significant overtime costs.

"The ability of healthcare systems to provide Canadians with high quality and safe healthcare is dependent upon having ... the right mix of healthcare providers with the right skills in the right place at the right time."

– Federal/Provincial/Territorial Advisory Committee on Health Delivery and Human Resources,
'A Framework for Collaborative Pan-Canadian Health Human Resources Planning', 2007

Placement of qualified, temporary nurses (and other professionals) into your facility allows you to:

  • Maintain, expand and improve your current healthcare services;
  • Prevent crisis situations directly related to staffing shortages or unexpected circumstances;
  • Provide relief to existing permanent staff;
  • Facilitate educational opportunities and cross-training initiatives that optimize your current permanent resources;
  • Increase overall career satisfaction for current employees, positively affecting your staff retention ratio; and
  • Meet professionals outside your current experience to support and enhance your current staff recruitment and retention strategies.

To learn more about our Temporary Staff Placement services, speak to one of our representatives at 1-866-355-8355 or contact us today!


Permanent Staff Placements

Bringing exceptional healthcare professionals and extraordinary healthcare environments (like yours!) together is what Solutions Staffing Inc. does best. A certain percentage of our nurses and other professionals will look at your facility and community as an excellent permanent relocation option. Permanent Staff Placements are possible through our agency.

A temporary staff placement is an optimal way for our healthcare professionals to “try out” new locations and situations before settling permanently. Solutions Staffing shares your goal for permanent, long-term employee placements. We are well versed in screening and credentialing healthcare professionals for their qualifications, skill levels and experience.

For permanent placement of exceptional healthcare professionals, Solutions Staffing offers the following services:

  • Full candidate screening (see Employee Screening & Credentialing)
  • Facilitation of licensing, work permits, visa screening
  • Organization of Qualifications and Canadian Exam Preparation
  • Placement and Ongoing Support

To learn more about our Permanent Staff Placement services, speak to one of our representatives at 1-866-355-8355 or contact us today!


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