Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some commonly asked questions about Solutions Staffing services.


Can I speak directly with potential nurses (or other healthcare professionals) sourced through Solutions Staffing?

We are happy to arrange personal interviews with any professional proposed for your facility. Just give us a call at 1-866-355-8355. We understand how important it is to have personnel that will fit well within your current facility/group dynamic!

How will you schedule your nurses into our current rotations?

Although Solutions Staffing Inc. is able to contract nurses for very short-term "crisis" relief, in order to keep your costs as low as possible, we prefer to contract nurses for 4 to 12 week contracts, though longer terms are available. Our personnel generally work four scheduled 12-hour shifts per week. Frequently, facilities are able to fill more than one full-time rotation with this type of scheduling. We leave the scheduling up to you; you best know what your current needs are!

Can your agency's nurses be floated to more than one area?

Yes. Each of our nurses and other healthcare professionals have completed a detailed skills checklist for all the areas that they are able to float to. In each profile we send to you, we will indicate all the areas that the candidate has expertise in. We recommend orientating Solutions-sourced personnel to one or more areas in your facility in order to best take advantage of their individual skills and expertise.

To ensure our quality of service to you, we ask that our personnel not be floated to areas that they have not indicated they are able to float to, or to areas they have not had orientation in.

How much orientation to each unit is appropriate?

Because your facility is unique, with pre-existing needs and evaluation criteria, your orientation requirements will likely vary by each unit being assigned to and each individual nurse or other healthcare professional. Your Solutions client manager will make recommendations regarding appropriate orientation based on research and dialogue with you... as no one understands your facility better than you! We will work together to create a positive outcome, starting with orientation.


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