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Solutions Staffing Inc. is committed to providing you with highly qualified nurses and other allied healthcare professionals that can meet your staff coverage and shortage needs in a cost-effective manner.


Our Vision & Values

Clients of Solutions Staffing Inc. are supported through our extensive procedures and policies, our dynamic company philosophy and a great deal of research. Staff that are sourced through Solutions are supported in their practice by exceptional compensation, travel and accommodation rewards, educational opportunities and 24/7 clinical support.

"To design innovative solutions for our healthcare clients through strong partnerships, collaboration
and a shared vision that supports quality and healthy healthcare environments."

Our Core Values

CoreValuesTrust: Fostering trust with our clients and staff is what Solutions Staffing is built on. Through exceptional employment standards we have developed strong, loyal relations with our current and growing staff pool.

Respect: Respect is a value that is integral to our philosophy which has evolved to integrate staffing solutions with assessment, planning and ongoing support. Vital to a healthy workplace are employees who feel respected and valued for their contributions.

Continuous Improvement: Solutions Staffing embraces a philosophy of continuous improvement and learning. We continually assess and evaluate our agency's programs to improve our service delivery and we are committed to providing a supportive learning environment for all our personnel.


Our Commitment to You

At Solutions Staffing our commitment to you is in providing qualified professional staff – to meet your immediate needs while maintaining costs that don't break your limited budget. If the recruitment and retention of staff is an issue for your facility, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss the feasibility of placing short-tem staff with you and introducing you to a range of exceptional nurses and other healthcare professionals who have expressed an interest in visiting your locale.


Our Company Profile

Solutions Staffing Inc. – a rapidly growing, innovative healthcare consulting group that serves many parts of Canada – is well qualified to meet the staffing needs of your healthcare organization. Solutions Staffing has extensive experience in staffing temporary vacancies ranging from 1 to 52 weeks in duration, and in resolving more permanent placements. We believe that our services provide an excellent augmentation of your organization’s current and future employee recruitment efforts. Not only do we provide immediate staffing relief, we also address long-term employee recruitment and retention strategies.

Solutions Staffing’s services have been utilized to fill planned vacancies, educational leaves and unexpected shortages in healthcare facilities right across Canada. For example, in 2010 Solutions filled over 2,000 temporary staffing assignments throughout Canada. Our organization has a consistent history of filling over 85% of the staffing requests made of us within 48 hours.

We believe that providing temporary staff to your organization is an ideal way to introduce candidates from across Canada and the world to your organization, your community and your individual facilities. We support this staff placement service with exceptional quality assurance, human resource services and advertising opportunities, as well as long-term retention strategies. Addressing issues of retention, as well as recruitment, creates a workplace where once introduced, staff will want to stay.


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"Solutions Staffing provides a solution for both short and long term staffing needs in a variety of clinical areas. It is as simple as a call to Solutions by the Nurse Manager detailing the dates, shifts and Nursing Unit/skills set required. Potential relief candidate profiles are sent to the Nurse Manager to review. The agreed upon nurse is then scheduled. The Nurse Manager can choose to be responsible for the accommodation arrangements or to leave this up to Solutions Staffing. The nursing staff that have come to work at the Fort St. John Hospital and Health Centre are knowledgeable, skilled and adjust to the work environment and demands well."
    ~ Angela, Director of Nursing, BC

“Solutions Staffing Inc. is excellent to work with. They are courteous and always do their best to assist us. I've called them for last minute assistance and they were able to help. Another time when there was a miscommunication regarding the staffing needs and an overtime shift (which would have cost our hospital dearly), Solutions assumed responsibility and sorted it out with their employee. What I appreciate most is their competence in assigning the correct staff for the job required. When you ask for a nurse with specific experience, they understand what you are asking for and communicate clearly with you regarding the expertise level that they are sending."
    ~ Darlene, Clinical Coordinator, Medical/Surgical, BC

"I enjoy very much working with Solutions Staffing Inc. and I find all of the staff very accommodating and easy to get in touch with. Solutions completely understands the issues that managers are facing and strives to help us with our staffing needs. I find all of the nurses very knowledgeable and skilled as well, both with qualifications and experience. I really think that it is a special kind of nurse that enjoys contract nursing and does it well – Solutions seems to be able to find those nurses!”
    ~ Tracy, Head Nurse, Surgical Services, BC


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Employment Equity at Solutions Staffing

Solutions Staffing is committed to being an equal opportunity employer. This commitment reflects both the principles that guided the establishment of our organization as well as the strategies that we have adopted to achieve them. The goal of our employment equity plan is to eliminate employment barriers for the four designated groups identified in the Employment Equity Act: women, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal people and members of visible minorities

Definition of Employment Equity

Employment equity involves a systematic effort to achieve fairness in employment. First, it is necessary to eliminate systemic, structural and, so far as is possible- through education, attitudinal discrimination. Second, no one should be denied access to employment opportunities for reasons unrelated to ability, and all should have access to the fullest opportunities to develop individual potential. Third, in order to fulfill the second objective above, differences between people must be respected and accommodated in accordance with human rights legislation. Finally, it is necessary to promote a climate favorable to the successful integration of members of groups designated for employment equity measures within the University.


1. Elimination of Discrimination
Solutions Staffing is committed to eliminating discrimination in employment on the grounds of race, creed, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, nationality, ancestry, and place of origin.. This commitment is in accordance with the provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the British Columbia Human Rights Cod and the British Columbia Labour Relations Act.

2. Achieving and Maintaining a Representative Workforce
Solutions Staffing is also committed to achieving and maintaining a fair and representative workforce and will initiate measures to ensure the full participation of all groups protected under human rights legislation, and in particular those which traditionally have been under-represented including women, persons with disabilities, aboriginal peoples and visible minorities.

3. Accountability
The development and implementation of employment equity policies at Solutions Staffing require the participation of all Administration, Management and Contract Employees employed by Solutions Staffing. All Solutions Staffing employees will be educated on the fair treatment of all persons belonging to designated groups.


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