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Through Solutions Staffing Inc, an extraordinary pool of nurses and allied healthcare professionals is ready to help your hospital or healthcare organization meet its staffing challenges.


Why Choose Solutions Staffing?

As Canada’s healthcare system continues to grapple with increased labour shortages, attracting and retaining good nurses and other healthcare staff has become a major challenge. We feel it is imperative to address the underlying issues of employee dissatisfaction, turnover, workload, overtime, scheduling and personal well-being in Canada's busy healthcare environments.

Solutions Staffing Inc. is an employee placement agency that is uniquely positioned to not only provide short-term or temporary healthcare staff, but also to help create healthy workplaces that improve healthcare organizations' performance and their excellence in delivering patient care.

As consultants, we are committed to helping individuals and organizations be the best that they can be. We utilize a partnership model, working with our clients to design customized employment solutions that will relieve their staffing pressures and enhance their workplaces.

With a solid base in leadership, adult learning and coaching, we provide an environment of continuous learning. We believe that coaching is an ideal adjunct to workshops that we facilitate in leadership, team development and the creation of healthy workplaces. Studies have shown that healthy workplaces are ones where employees are satisfied, engaged in their work, committed to their jobs, and productive. Everyone wants to work for a company or organization where they feel valued and respected. When these are accomplished, an employee will succeed in giving the best care in the world.

Our consultants will work closely with you to improve your healthcare environment and the quality of life that is available to your employees. We believe that investing in employees is the key to an organization’s survival and to its bottom line... top quality patient care.


Our Nurses & Healthcare Professionals

Highly qualified healthcare providers, doing exactly what they want to do!

Our agency is proud to have developed a great selection of licensed nurses and allied healthcare professionals who are genuinely interested in working in fresh settings and jobs, experiencing new and exciting locations, working hard and in meeting other professionals... like those you already have!

We attract nurses and other healthcare professionals who are looking for a change, are considering relocation, who want to combine professional growth and adventure, or who are semi-retired or interested in maximizing their income to pay off educational loans. Generally speaking, Solutions Staffing places healthcare staff into areas that are extremely busy, uniquely challenging and which face shortages of regular employees.

It takes a special kind of person to be a 'travel nurse'. Our nurses (and other healthcare professionals) are able to work with a minimum amount of orientation and they thrive in busy and changing environments. In fact, it's just those types of environments that attracted them to careers in travel nursing in the first place!


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